Welcome to My Sunshine Room!

"My Sunshine Room" is dedicated to bringing a little sunshine into your life.

It is all about sharing with you the things that I love in the Sunshine Room of my heart, as well as about the physical place that I think, write, pray, and create - that room I call My Sunshine Room.

Here you will find a hodgepodge of all the things that bring sunshine into my own life, and hopefully might do the same for you!  Here you will find blogs and videos to help you:

* Generate the best of health in body, mind and spirit

* Grow your faith through Bible teachings, prayers and devotions

* Create items like prayer quilts, cake pops, and decorations   

* Find some inspiration, knowledge and fun 

Above all, I hope to bring each person that visits here some form of a BLESSING:  whether that is a little bit of knowledge to improve your health, a prayer or devotion for a certain struggle you may be experiencing, teaching you how to make a prayer quilt to give to someone in need, or a cake ball cake for a certain joyous occasion, or simply showing you how to experience God in a more real and passionate way.

I hope that in some way, I am able to bring the favor of God into your life to bless you.


Margaret (aka Sunshine)

© margaret young