A Shortcut To Happiness

There are shortcuts to hapiness and dancing is one of them

Today’s post is another tribute to both my mom and dad (my mom for Mother’s Day and my dad for his Birthday this week). 

Throughout my whole life my parents have shown me the love of dancing and the happiness that comes along with it - the lightness of spirit, the movement of body, the rhythm in your heart as the music rolls along, whatever type of music that may be!  

I so wish I had a photo or a video of the two of them dancing as it really is so endearing to watch this duo of over 50 years still have it going on whenever they are on the dance floor!  They just make me smile, which is what dancing is all about!

Dancing Really Is A Shortcut To Happiness

So in a nutshell that is what this post is all about, when you need a boost of energy, a boost of sunshine, a boost of joy, put your favorite music on and start to dance.  I promise you will find a shortcut to happiness!  I promise you, if you can just get that music playing, you will find a shortcut to happiness!

Whether you like to dance yourself (one of the few items on my bucket list is to be on Dancing With The Stars - big roadblock that I am not a star!) or would prefer to simply watch (which can bring great happiness in itself!), take a look below at a few of my favorite dance videos, from Dancing With The Stars this season, that show how much joy dancing can bring.  

The first is with Superbowl MVP Von Miller, to Michael Jackson’s “Bad” (another one of my favorites, MJ).  The second is with Mixed Martial Arts competitor Paige Van Zant dancing a fun Austin Power’s spoof.  The third is with male model Nyle DiMarco, who also happens to be COMPLETELY DEAF!  You will be amazed watching him. 

Here’s to Happiness through Dancing!  And a big Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms, especially my mom, and Happy Birthday to my dad - Thanks for giving me the love of both happiness and dancing!

*Click on the square in the lower right corner of each video for full screen view (and then esc to go back to regular screen).

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