And The Winner Is!

I am "Loving" these spoofs on "Love is an Open Door" from the movie Frozen!  Having spent this past weekend with long time friends who have a son on the Navy baseball team, this first one wins my vote! - Read the story below, and chime in our your favorite pick!  So cute and beware, the song is so addictive!

On November 19th, 2013 the Walt Disney movie Frozen debuted in Hollywood.  Besides becoming the highest grossing animated film of all times, it has set off a fire storm of videos on Youtube surrounding the movies' soundtrack.

One of those songs that has led to video addiction is "Love Is An Open Door."

On March 10, 2014, a couple who call themselves "Good Looking Parents" did a parody of the song and had over 11 million views (see below).

There have been other spoofs by other groups throughout the month of March, each receiving hundreds of thousands of views.  Just google "Love Is An Open Door" to see for yourself!

BUT on April 18th, two midshipmen from the Naval Academy, who also happen to be on the USNA baseball team decided to jump in on the spoofs and do a video that was intended just for their teammates.  They posted it to personal accounts, and teammates and friends loved it so much that they asked the two (Brad Borosak and Matt Kilby) to make it public.  In two weeks, it went viral and they have had over 3 million views!

Their perfectly matched lip syncing has even garnered the attention of Disney to have the two come and visit (say the inside sources!)

I hope you enjoy any of these versions.  The song itself is addicting and even caused me to create a "Picture Prayer" thinking of how great AN OPEN DOOR OF LOVE can be when Christ is the One doing the opening!  

Love Is An Open Door, Picture Prayer

Below is the "Good Looking Parents" version.  I stick with my vote above!

© margaret young