Be The Gift - Celebrating Ann Voskamp

August 10th is Ann Voskamp's Birthday.  

2011 2 27 One Thousand Gifts bookcover[1]

Ann Voskamp is the author of The New York Times Bestseller "One Thousand Gifts: A Dare To Live Life Fully Right Where You Are."

A year ago, for her birthday, she wrote on her blog a post called "How to have the best Birthday, the Best Today, the Best Any Dayand went on to explain how to do this which is to "Be The Gift" for someone else.  You become the G.I.F.T by Giving It Forward Today. 

On her post she made numerous suggestions for random gifting such as:

1. Leave a package for the mailman

2. Take flowers to a nursing home

3. Leave cookies on the hood of someone's car

4. Donate your favorite book to the library

5. Bring stuffed animals to kids on the pediatric floor

6. Or chocolate to the nurses working the ER

7. Write a thank-you note to your dad, or to your mom

8. Or a letter to the teacher who most inspired you  

9. Walk into a restaurant and tell the waitress you’ll pay the tab for someone else

She even included free printable gift tags to be used for anyone who might choose to go on a "Gift Blitz."

It is my good fortune to know all of this because just after Ann Voskamp wrote this post, one of my dearest friends was having a birthday of her own and decided to adopt this idea, as Ann is one of her favorite authors.  

She sent out a letter to her friends inviting them to her birthday party, and asked each of them to think of one way they could Be The G.I.F.T , explaining that at the party we would share what we did to bring light into someone else's life.  

Here is a small clip of what a few of us chose to do:

What surprised us all the most was how much we ourselves were blessed by becoming the G.I.F.T..  What also surprised us was that we thought we were giving people water, but what they so yearned for was life and laughter and light.

So in honor of Ann's birthday, I encourage you to become the G.I.F.T, no telling how many surprises and blessings you too may encounter!


P.S  It doesn't have to be so elaborate that you must video it, we  just happened to have the equipment and wanted to have the footage to share here.

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