Strawberry, Mango, Avocado Noodles

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This recipe is a great summertime recipe to cool you off when the heat is blasting!

It is also a lot of fun because it can be adapted in a variety of ways to suit your mood, taste buds and what you have on hand in the refrigerator.  

All you need to do is:

1.  Spiralize some "Noodles".  

IMG 2093

I spiralized some zucchini and cucumbers, but you might also try squash, or apple or maybe some fennel for a light licorice taste.


2.  Mix your dressing in a blender using whatever combinations sound refreshing to you.  I made mine from a combination of frozen strawberries, mango, half of an avocado, and coconut water.  The frozen strawberries made the dressing so cool and refreshing, so I would highly recommend adding a fruit that is frozen!  The avocado made it rich and creamy, but you could also try yogurt.

IMG 2085

The fun of this "Noodle Salad" is to conjure up combinations for your dressing that sound delicious to you, and then just throw them in a blender to make a dressing.  (You could also do this for a salad dressing that is quick, fresh and low in calories!)

3.  Toss the dressing on your noodles.

4.  Add some toppings to give a little texture.  I added some avocado chunks, some of the frozen strawberries which were partially melted but still had that cold texture.  I also added some ground Ezekiel 4:9 Almond Cereal that I had ground up in my Magic Bullet and added a wonderful crunchy feel.  You could add some  chopped nuts like pistachios, walnuts, sunflower seeds or cashews.

IMG 2105

This may sound like an unusual meal, but I promise, it is delicious and as I mentioned, so refreshing.  When you finish, you will be satisfied, without being stuffed, as you can eat a lot of this dish without feeling guilty, if you don't add to many "extras."  

I hope you enjoy and stay cool this summer!

© margaret young