Zesty, Zoodly, Gluten Free "Pasta"

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Zucchini + Spiralized Noodles = Gluten Free Zoodly Goodness!

If you are seeking a gluten free lifestyle or simply want to lower the amount of refined carbohydrates, and add more vegetables in your diet, you will love this recipe.  I can make this recipe in under 5 minutes and it is absolutely delicious.

1.  Spiralize 1 zucchini, or a mixture of zucchini and spiralized cucumber (which is what I actually prefer).


Spiralized Zucchini

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Spiralized Cucumber & Zucchini

2.  Add your favorite marinara sauce.  (I prefer speed over home cooking, so Publix Premium marinara sauce works for me, but be creative as you desire for your marinara sauce!).  You could also add meat, like grilled chicken, or even use a bolognese sauce instead of marinara.


Zucchini & Cucumber Noodles With Marinara Sauce

3.  Heat the pasta either on the stovetop (the healthier way!) or in the microwave (the quicker way!).

4.  Sprinkle on some "crunch".  I love to sprinkle this dish with some Kale Chips.  Often I will make my own, but in a pinch, I will use a purchased bag.  Not only does it add crunch, but it contains nutritional yeast which adds a cheesy (non dairy) taste, and a lot of vitamin B. 

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It is amazing how much this really does taste and have the texture of pasta.  I can only describe it as comforting, zesty, cheesy pasta!  

And when you get to the bottom of the bowl, you can "slop" it up with your favorite bread.

Let me know if you try it and how you like it!  Your day-timer will love it because it is so quick.  Your body will love it because it  is so healthy, and your taste buds will love it because it is sooooo delicious!

© margaret young