Watermelon Smoothie without a Blender

A fun and refreshing outdoor activity!

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If you are heading to the beach, the lake, a BBQ, sporting event or other outdoor activity, you will be the hit of the party with this little trick!

(Here is a short video or you can read instructions below)

All you need is a power drill, a hand held mixer blade, a knife, and a watermelon (large or small watermelon depending on how many people you are serving.)

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Cut a hole in the top of the watermelon - make sure it is big enough to fit the blade.  Put the blade inside and start twirling!

IMG 3322

After about a minute of banging around the inside of the watermelon, you will have a watermelon smoothie.  I promise it is so yummy and sure to be a crowd pleaser!

IMG 3275

To get the juice out of the watermelon, you can either cut a plastic cup in half and insert as a spout (though it worked, I found this messy) or you can simply pick up the watermelon and pour.

IMG 3277

IMG 3280

After I poured the first round, I cut a larger hole and twirled some more with the blender to make sure that I used all of the juice.

IMG 3290

Good to the last drop!

IMG 3294

I poured each watermelon into plastic cups to get an idea of how many servings they would each make.  The large watermelon made 15 - 20 servings and the small watermelon made 12 - 15 servings. 

IMG 3326

Oh and one other thing.  I got so excited experimenting I thought how fabulous would a honeydew or cantaloupe smoothie be!  Oops, forgot they have all those big seeds so it doesn't really work.  Learn from my mistakes people!

IMG 3289

At least I could still eat the honeydew for breakfast!

IMG 3328

I hope this brings some fun and refreshment to your next outdoor event.

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© margaret young