Fun Photo Editing With Apps For Under $5

Fun Photo Editing With Apps For Under $5

I love photos!  I love playing around with photos!  I love making people happy with photos!  

The really great  news is that mobile devices have made it easier than ever to take photos, to play around and edit photos, and to share photos with others!  This post is to inspire you to love the photo process as well, assuring you that anyone can create wonderful, unique images that will make you and others happy!

To help you, there are apps that are available, either for free or for very minimal purchases, that  can make the photo editing process super, super easy!  Below are my favorite apps for easy photo editing and a video to help you be inspired.

PicCandy - Free

Pic Candy

I use PicCandy for most of the images that I put on Facebook for Birthday Greetings.  I also use it to make a lot of the images that I use on this website.  You simply open the PicCandy app,  upload a photo from your camera roll and then start editing.  

Many times I will find a photo on the web like a cake or flowers, save it to my camera roll and then upload that to PicCandy for editing.  The app makes it easy to add  text in a wide variety of fonts and colors.  You can add pre made doodles or sayings, even changing the colors.  You can make your own drawings or you can add overlays of color, shooting stars, hearts, and more.  A PicCandy logo will always come up on your photo, but if you click on it, an “X” will show up and you can delete the logo.  Did I mention it is free?!?

TitleFx - $1.99


If you simply want to add some text, TitleFx is another super easy app to use.  You can add as many text objects as you like in a wide variety of fonts, colors, sizes, and other options.

Path On - $1.99


Path On is another text app but this one allows you to create the flow of the path.  Simply draw a line where you want your text or use the shapes provided, and add your text.  With little effort, you can look like a graphic designer! 

Photo Scrapbook - Free  &  FrameMagic - Free


You can use 1 or up to 16 photos to make incredible photo collages with these two apps.  Simply select the photos, and the apps automatically sort them into the templates, allowing you to move them around later if desired.  You can use solid colored backgrounds or they offer patterned as well, and the backgrounds can even be manipulated in size.  You can also add text, stickers, or overlays.  You won’t believe how easy and fun it can be!

Color Splash - $0.99

Color Splash

Color Splash helps to make dramatic photos by removing color from unwanted areas, making black and white areas while keeping your chosen areas of color.  You simply upload a photo and then using the wand in the app start erasing away color.  If you make a mistake, you simple add the color back.  The app even has short tutorials to explain how to use it.

Juxtaposer - $0.99


Juxtaposer is a blast!  It allows you to select an image in a photo, cut it out, and add it to another photo.  You simply load two photos, use your finger to erase away unwanted parts of the first photo and then move it, “juxtapose” it, to the other photo where you can resize and rotate to make it fit appropriately.  

There are so many apps to choose from that allow you to edit photos.  These are just a few of my favorites.  I highly encourage you to download the apps and give them a try.  I promise they are easy and you will have so much fun playing around with these.  To inspire you a bit more, here is a video to show you some things you can do.

© margaret young