How To Make A Beautiful Bow - Christmas Edition

How To Make A Beautiful Bow With Ease

Have you ever had "B0w Envy”?  You know those times when you go to someone’s home during Christmas and the mantel, tree and front door wreath are adorned with the most lavish, loopy, elegant bows?  Or the packages under their tree are wrapped in the most decadent, beautiful, perfect bows?

Well it’s time for you to have 

No ‘Mo Bow Envy!!

I have the most wonderful tool for you to make the most beautiful bows - perfect every time - even for the most awkward, graceless of hands!  

It is called a Bowdabra and sells for $15 - 20. 

The Bowdabra For Beautiful Bows With Ease

After your first bow, you will have more than made your money back.  I mean look at this bow I saw at the Hardware Store, not even that pretty, and retailing for $24.99.

Expensive Bow

There is much to love about the Bowdabra, but here are the 3 things that I love most:

1)  It gives you an extra set of hands.  Yes you can tie bows with just your hands and not purchase an extra gadget; but it is often laborious and frustrating, without achieving perfect results every time. (see the videos below)

2)   It gives you incredible flexibility to make bows of all sizes.  I have made the tiniest of bows with delicate ribbon, to huge bows made of deco mesh, and all sizes in between.  This is actually what drew my attention to the Bowdabra trying to figure out how to make a huge, elaborate deco mesh bow.  

3)  It gives you the confidence to make unique one-of-a-kind  bows.  I always find that I am emboldened to make more elaborate bows because of the Bowdabra.  It gives me the confidence to mix materials and allows my hands to work with ease with all of the different materials.  

You can use ribbon of all types, from satin, to deco mesh, to burlap, as well as all sizes of ribbon.  For even more beautiful bows, you can use embellishments such as floral picks and flowers, colorful pipe cleaners or tinsel, Christmas ornaments, or something from your yard like berries and pinecones.

The list is endless of what you can incorporate in a bow when using the Bowdabra!  

The Bowdabra is so easy to use.  Here are the 3 basic steps, but watch the videos to see it in action!  

1)  Using either the Bowdabra wire that comes in gold or silver - or some other type of string, like twine, curling ribbon or floral wire - double fold the wire and place the long way in the Bowdabra.

2)  Lay your ribbon and embellishments side to side in the Bowdabra the short way.  If you are using Double Sided Ribbon, twist and turn the ribbon with each loop so the right side will always be up.  Be sure to make the loops the same on each side which gives you the perfect bow.  You may use as many loops as you want.  Continue adding loops, switching ribbon if desired as well as adding any embellishments.

3)  When completed, scrunch the bow down with the long bar that comes with the Bowdabra.  Pull the wire up and make a loop with the double strands going through the loop.  Pull tight, twist the wire to the back of the bow and tie a knot.  Then place on your package, tree, wreath, etc.

Here are 3 videos so you may see the Bowdabra in action.  It is so fun, so inspiring, and so easy to use!

Bowdabra Package Bow

Bowdabra Wreath Bow

Bowdabra Christmas Tree Topper Bow

If you are interested in purchasing this magnificent tool, you can find them at Walmart, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s or online (*Note:  Don’t get the Mini Bowdabra for Hair Bows, the regular size can make very small bows as well as large ones.)

Or if you want to have a blast hosting a Christmas Party, try having a Bowdabra Christmas Hat Party!

Merry Christmas!

© margaret young