30 Days Of Prayer


This prayer booklet has been written to encourage and teach families how to pray for one another using scripture.  It is a selection of 30 different topics* that I personally desire to pray for my family and which have been accumulated from scripture in the New International Version of the Bible.  To receive the most benefit from these prayers, you are encouraged to spend time meditating on the scriptures and making them personal for you and your family, in contrast to just reading them through like a book.  

All of the prayers have been written in plural form in hopes that families will spend time praying for one another corporately.  But I also recommend you make the prayers personal by naming specific names.  Instead of always praying “we”, insert the names of people in your family and then cite specific situations and circumstances each of you are facing.  Go slow, meditate on what you are praying and trust that God hears your prayers.  I guarantee you will draw closer to Him as you lift His words back unto Him! 

There are over 300 scriptures from both the Old and the New Testaments used in this booklet, and I have tried to use the scripture passages as close to their original form as possible without paraphrasing.  Thus it is a wonderful way to begin learning scripture if you have not done so before.  For those who have memorized scripture for a period of time, I promise you there is still opportunity to pour more into your heart!  

May you and your family be covered in God’s love as You seek His daily presence in your lives!


*Days 1 & 30 are all about praise!  They set the stage for all that is within this book.

Suggestions Of How To Incorporate These Prayers Into Your Family's Lives:

*  Have a time of family devotion and pray for one another specifically in regards to the daily topic

*  Have one person select any portion of Scripture included for the day and read that passage aloud

*  Record specific prayer requests or concerns relating to the topic, as well as any answered prayers or insights

*  Record other Scriptures you may find pertaining to the daily topic 

*  Share with extended family members so that many in your family will be praying the same daily prayers

*  If you are the only one praying for your family - have faith, and keep on praying!

© margaret young