Three Lessons Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids
A Tribute to My Mom and Dad

"Honor your mother and your father so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you."  Exodus 20:12


Very rarely in life do you get to tell the world how special someone is to you while they are still living, as well as giving that person a chance to actually see what you might have to say.  But I am taking that rare opportunity to tell the world how wonderful and special my parents are and how much I truly love them so very, very much!!

I actually thought about writing this tribute after two events happened.  The first was that a friend of mine's father passed away and she posted some wonderful pictures of him on Facebook.  They were so dear and the words she said about her father were so special.  You left with a heartfelt recognition of how much she admired and loved her father.

The second event that happened was that I asked my mother (who is so incredibly smart, a tv producer, winner of several tv Emmy awards, Co-Founder a speech communications company called Speechworks, a journalist for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, author of numerous books from business to raising kids - yada yada yada !!! - oh yes what was I saying!) 

I asked my mother to take a look at my new website and give any (soft) criticism or suggestions she might have before I made the website public.  After spending some time looking at all that was there, the articles, the photos of my husband, boys, and best friend Cindy, she jokingly made a comment, "It all looks great, but where are your father and I?"  She truly was just kidding, and while, I knew she was just kidding, an alarm went off inside my mind and my heart:



They are the ones who have encouraged me in all I have ever done! defines "A Tribute" as:

"a gift, testimonial, compliment, or the like, given as due or in acknowledgment of gratitude or esteem."   

What better way to honor my parents than to give them a tribute of compliments, given in acknowledgment of gratitude and esteem for the many wonderful gifts they have given to me!  

And here are the top 3 things I want to say! 

And if you are a parent (or think you might be a parent someday in the future), pay attention to this list, it will serve your children right! 

1.  My parents are so easy!  They are glass 1/2 full kind of folks!

Scan 1

My parents have been married for over 50 years, and that in itself is something to give tribute.  But it is their type of marriage that has accounted for such a wonderful & lengthy marriage.

They are easy.  They are thankful.  They always find the good.  

They like to laugh together.  They like to dream together.  They like to be together.

They are low drama.  Ahhh!  That is a gift to give tribute to as well!


"This is one of my favorite photos of my dad and me.  Can't you just see what I mean about easy?!?  He has such a great smile, such a great peace, and I always feel at peace when I am with he and my mom!"


And she is such a beauty!  Look at her smile and twinkling eyes!

Thank you both for helping me to always find the good in all that is around me.  And thank you both for years of laughter (with oh yes, those other guys, my older & younger brothers!).  

Mom & Dad, I really, really love you for the gift of laughter!


2.  They are the most Encouraging and Supportive Mentors. 

One of the greatest gifts that my parents gave me was to not be afraid to try something new.  "What is the worst that could happen?", they would assuredly ask.  And they would respond to their own question saying, "You could fail or someone could tell you 'No.'"  And then they would go on to say, "Big Deal!  Tell them you don't accept their 'No', or move on to someone else who will say, 'Yes', or simply get up and try again."  

I can not express what a gift that is to give to your children, the courage to try something new, to not worry about failing, and even if you are worried, to try any way.  I have been able to accomplish many tasks in a wide variety of arenas because of this gift to try, and not worrying about failing.  I always knew I could go to my parents with any new endeavor, and whether it was something they thought was a good idea or not, they always encouraged and supported my dreams.



Try Something New.  

So what if you fail.  

So what if they say 'No.'  

When you know there are people who believe in you, who want you to succeed,  you have great courage to try and great freedom not to worry about failing.

3.  They are the most Curious and Avid Learners. 

Probably the reason they have been so successful and the reason they are such encouraging mentors is because they are both so excited about learning.  Now in retirement, they both continue to learn.  Travel is their passion, but not just regular old travel!  They travel the world with a passion for learning - Cooking School in Korea, Art School in Russia, The National Hurricane School in Miami, History classes in England.

They started a study group with friends to encourage a love for learning, and are willing to try anything once, just to learn about what is being shared.  Because of their love of learning, they are great conversationalists (which is also a great gift to give to your children).  While most people are talking about themselves, my mom and dad have mastered the art of asking questions, and because of it, they continue to meet fascinating new people, with fascinating stories.  It is truly a wonder of life, and interest in the things around them, that make them such wonderful people and wonderful parents!

My dad is the most interesting travel planner.  Here we went on a 3 hour Walking Food Tour through an old neighborhood in Rome, Italy visiting wineries and beautiful cemeteries, as well as the local market and a gelateria.  I would never have thought to have done that on my own, but my dad is always seeking new ways to see the world!  And my mom, because she is so easy, just goes with whatever he plans!

It is because of the great gifts of seeing the world with ease and laughter, of being confident to try new things, and to always have a love for learning, that have given me the courage and passion to attempt this website, and to hopefully encourage these same gifts in you as well!




© margaret young