Bookend Theology - Finding Rest In All Your Distress

BOOKEND Theology Picture Prayer

I recently taught a lesson in Sunday School on Psalm 62.  It is one of a collection of three Psalms (61 - 63), written by King David, in a time of desperate need.

David was fleeing from his son, Absalom, who was trying to overthrow his father’s kingdom.  Tired, desperate, angry, uncertain, David reached out to God ALONE for his strength, protection, provision and salvation. 

My favorite part of the Psalm is the second to last verse (vs. 11) where David has this “Boil Down Moment” about who God is and consequently how David can put “all his eggs” of faith in God’s basket to provide, protect, and care for him.  He says:

“One thing God has spoken, 

two things have I heard:

that you, O God, are strong,

and that you, O Lord, are loving.

Psalm 62:11

I often find that in our times of need, our minds are so filled with hashing out our problems, that we struggle to remember how it is we bring God into the situation.  But David solves that problem for us here, when he “BOOKENDS” all we need to remember, in a flash, about who God is.

If we can remember these two tenets, God is STRONG and God is LOVING, we are on our way to "finding our rest in God alone" as verse 1 in Psalm 62 states.

When we understand the power of God’s strength, we can trust in Him to move seemingly insurmountable mountains.  We can trust Him to protect us from harm.  We can trust Him to carry us out of harms way.  We can trust Him to direct our paths.

But God is not strength alone.  If He were, our lives might be shattered by His power and complete righteousness.  David understands that dichotomy and finds his rest in knowing that God is balanced.  He is STRONG, but He is also LOVING.

When we understand the magnitude of God’s love, we can trust that not only is He powerful enough to help, but that He loves us so much, He will help.  We can trust Him to be present.  We can trust Him to be merciful.  We can trust Him enough to care.  We can trust Him to lift us up.

If you, like David, can BOOKEND your every need with these 2 truths about God, you will find yourself at peace, you will find yourself “supported” in what ever comes your way.

© margaret young