Tattered Bibles Are The Best

Bibles that are falling apart

Tattered Bibles Are The Best!

OK that is a hard thing for me to say - that anything tattered, torn, frayed and worn is good!  I am normally a pretty picky person when it comes to being neat and organized.  I like things well kept, in order, and when they become worn, shredded, and full of holes, to the garbage they go!



Charles Spurgeon (and my pastor Vic Pentz, where I originally heard this quote) said: 

“Bibles that are falling apart are owned by people 

whose lives are not.

This often comes as a surprise to people that Bibles are meant to be carried, opened, read and yes even marked in!  In our modern technological lives, many have moved away from using actual Bibles, preferring instead to read the Bible digitally.  While that is better than not reading the Bible at all, in my humble opinion, the Bible should be read in its “brick and mortar” form.

Touching, marking in, flipping the pages back and forth until they become tattered and torn is a mark of a seasoned and centered Christian.  It is the way one becomes ENGAGED in the Word of God.  So if you are new to this idea of writing in your Bible, I want to inspire you in 3 different ways to help you TATTER UP your Bible!

1.  Take your Bible to church, Bible study or other place the Word of God might be spoken.  Yes actually take your Bible to church!  When the sermon is being preached, go to the passage being discussed and make notes from what is being said that might touch you, and then write the person’s name who is giving the talk.  


2.  Get a Bible cover for your Bible so you can keep a pen and notepad handy to encourage your writing.  Add scripture cards, Bible reading plans, particular prayers, etc. that will help you mark your spot as you flip from place to place.  Add these in anticipation of all the markings you will be making in your Bible, and the way it will soon fall apart!  Remember, Bibles that are falling apart (i.e. are read over and over again) are owned by people whose lives are not!

Bible Cover

3.  Find a special time for reading the Bible and as you do make all kinds of notes on the pages of your Bible.  As you read, make comments that move you, or make drawings that express how you are feeling.  My most common drawings are hearts, tears, and question marks. 

Bible Notes

Heart Notes 1

Purple pens are my favorite go to pens!

Bible Notes 2

If there are other scripture that can relate, go ahead and make a note

One of my main goals in life is always to encourage people to read their Bibles, to ENGAGE in the Word of God, and consequently to grow in their relationship with God.  This is one of the best ways I know to start the process.

Just because you read the Bible does not mean your life will not fall apart, it just means you will be better equipped when it does!

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UPDATED PHOTOS (These were shared by a very talented 15 year old girl of her Tattered Bible.  I am so inspired and blessed to see these and think of how she is engaging in God’s Word.)

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