The Blessing Scar

Take a look at the two pictures below.  What do you see?  

old woman or young miss best optical illusion


Do you see a beautiful, young woman?  

Or do you see a haggard, old lady?

This is the choice I had to make one year ago this week.  

Christmas Eve Morning 2013, I had a terrible fall, smashing my face onto a slippery, wet, slate walkway, acquiring 8 stitches on my cheekbone, and a nasty looking shiner on my eye.  As much as it hurt, as gross as it looked, in the days to follow, I had an opportunity to take one photo of my face, and determine what I would see.


Christmas Eve 2013

A lovely look at my eye head on vs. Bill holding me close to show my “good side” as he said!

What I chose to do was to see the beautiful image, the one that showed the Blessings of God’s Presence in the midst of a painful, and damaging incident.  I chose to see the Blessings that I did not break a bone (on any part of my body), that I did not lose an eye (I was carrying a glass bottle), that I did not get a concussion (the smack was very loud!), and that I was alert enough (although bleeding profusely) to drive myself to the hospital for stitches (just to name a few!).

So many blessings that throughout my healing, I decided to name my scar, the one that I knew would always be on my face, for the rest of my life, I decided to name it:

My Blessing Scar

Much like the optical illusion of the two women above, I decided to always look at the beauty rather than the ugliness and pain of my scar. 

Now it is one year later, and I have a few lessons I would like to share about scars, for anyone who might have a wounding scar of their own, whether that is from outside sources or self-inflicted wounds.

1.  Scars Hurt

Wounds hurt.  Accidents hurt.  Trauma hurts.  Scars are ugly to look at, we don’t want to have them.  Even when we can see the beauty in them, we most likely would choose not to have them.

2.  Scars Come In All Shapes And Sizes.

A wound is a wound is a wound.  Whether it is from an accident, or caused by another person or traumatic situation, or even a self-inflicted wound, say from undisciplined behavior, when there is injured tissue, be it physical or emotional, a lasting mark will be made.

3.  Scars Do Heal.

For a year I have journaled (taken photos) of my scar so that I could see how much healing would take place.  When injuries are fresh, they are raw, painful, and seemingly will never improve.  But Scars Do Heal.  Wounds Can Be Mended.


So I ask you, What Is Your Scar Today?  

Where Is Your Pain?  Where Do You Need Healing?

I urge you to rename your pain, Your Blessing Scar.  Whatever it is that is raw, and painful, and ugly, bring it to the Great Physician who heals and knows how to care for every wound imaginable, from the minor to the major wounds. 

Find a way to see the beauty in the photo of your situation.  Two pictures can exist at the same time, but one can take dominance.   And when it does, things will be transformed.

Isaiah 61:3 says "God will bestow on us a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.

My prayer is that you may find beauty in the midst of any pain and tenderness, and that your healing will begin and continue to take place!  Try journaling your progress, and most importantly, keep bringing it back to The Doctor, trusting that healing can take place.

Here is a Picture Prayer that I am printing, and putting one in my Bible, and one on my bathroom mirror, to help me to remember to bring my scars to God for healing.  There are a couple of areas that I would really love healing and I want to name those before God.  Hope this might help you in some way too.  (You can right click to download to your computer and print.)

© margaret young