Why Read The Bible - A Nugget And A Star

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Is Bible reading ever a chore to you?  Do you wonder why you take time to read a book that seems at times completely boring, outdated,  and difficult to comprehend?  Do you ever struggle getting motivated to read the Bible, considering it is so big, with so many different parts?

I often ask these questions myself.  As a Christian, I know I should read the Bible, it should be one of my top habits, but sometimes, there are quite frankly, more compelling activities to do!  The all important habit slides in the wrong direction!

In Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit, there is an interesting concept that with any habit, there must be a “craving” associated with that habit, that you just “got to have it.”   I think that is sometimes the issue with the habit of our Bible reading - there simply just isn’t a “craving.

If you have ever experienced this lack of “craving”,  I want to share with you a portion of my journal from 2013 that God placed on my heart to answer this exact problem.

“This is why you come to My Word:  Deuteronomy 32:47 ‘These words are your very life.’  My Word is one generation away from extinction.  You know the gift of My Word, don’t take it for granted.  Come for the craving’ of My Wisdom, for NUGGETS of words, advice, meaning, answers that you can not find anywhere else, like you can when you are before Me.  And as if that is not enough and for those days when you walk away without a NUGGET, you walk away with a STAR that you have been obedient to My calling to pour My Word into you, into your heart, your mind, your spirit and at just the right time I can pull it back out for My Glory.  So the craving’ is for the NUGGET and the the craving’ is for the STAR.    

"Every day, when you look back, My Word will be filled in you.  It is a book that you can not grasp lightly.  It must be consistent.  You will read and forget, keep reading.  Have a fresh flow daily even if it is boring.  My Spirit is there to speak, always, fresh NUGGETS and STARS every day!!!

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Just like this jeweled cross, a nugget is anything of great value as in “a nugget of wisdom”.

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Just like these stars that accumulate to shine brightly, so does the day to day filling of God’s Word shine brightly through you unto this world.  

The nuggets are:  peace, comfort, insight, the “secret” ingredient in your life of God’s presence!  The stars are a reminder that you have been filled, even if you do not feel anything different.  They are not to pat you on the back at how “godly” you are.  They are simply a mark that shows your devotion to come.  

Come for the "craving" of the Nugget & the Star!

© margaret young