Grow Your Prayer Life With A Weekly Calendar

Several factors have inspired me to want to write this post!

1.  Summer is over and we are settling back in to our routine “Calendars”.

2.  I met with one of my prayer groups this week and we had a fabulous discussion about “Growing Our Prayer Lives”.

3.  I saw the movie War Room, starring Priscilla Shirer, which was centered around “The Importance and Power of Prayer”.

4.  I have personally been using this Weekly Prayer Calendar for a while and it has helped me tremendously to “Expand My Territory In Prayer”. 

The process of using a Weekly Prayer Calendar is really quite easy.  You set one topic for each day of the week that you would like to pray for and then focus your prayers that day on that particular topic.  With only 7 days in the week, it is not hard to fill!  

The Benefits of using a Weekly Prayer Calendar are:

* you become more focused on your specific prayers (think less zoning out and rabbit trail wanderings!)

*you increase your desire for prayer as you discover all the ways you can cover and bless a host of varying situations

* you expand your prayer territory as you go further outside your normal patterns (think growth!)

*you find yourself praying more throughout the day on situations other than yourself (but don’t worry, you can still pray for all your personal needs and desires - see my own calendar below!)

For the 7 days of the week, I have chosen to pray for:  Me, My Family, My Friends, The Ministries that I am involved with or have a special heart for, Our Country, The World, and on Sundays I spend my time just Praising God.

But you can set your Weekly Prayer Calendar however you want - maybe praying the Fruit of the Spirit, or on one situation where every day you pray a different topic over that situation.  It doesn’t matter the topics you choose, just that you choose, focus, and devote your time wholeheartedly throughout that day.  

If you practice this, you will be amazed at the discipline and growth your prayer life will experience!

Here is the Weekly Prayer Calendar I created and use if you would like to use it, as well as some links to help you pray over these same topics.

Weekly Prayer Calendar

Prayer for Yourself & Your Family - select topics from the 30 Days of Family Prayer in the Title Bar above (under Growing In Faith) 

Prayer For Your Church & Favorite Ministries

More Prayers For Your Church

Prayer For Our Country (especially important today 9/11)

Prayer for the World

Prayer of Praise

More Prayer of Praise

May you and those around you be blessed as you plant heavenly seeds while practicing a Weekly Prayer Calendar!

© margaret young