Avoiding A Gut Bomb

Woohoo!  Summer is here, as Memorial Day weekend traditionally marks the start of the summer vacation season! 

Gut Bomb

Personally, I love summer.  It brings thoughts of slower, less hectic days, time to renew the spirit and time to be away on vacation.  It also brings thoughts of  barbecues, and hamburgers on the grill, ice cream and apple pie.  

While these are thoughts that conjure up fun and festivity with family and friends, they are also thoughts that conjure up feelings of guilt and physical illness at the thought of over eating all these delicious and irresistible  foods.  They are thoughts that conjure up THE GUT BOMB!

The GUT BOMB is that feeling of being not only full, but way too full, almost nauseated.  The GUT BOMB is that feeling of OVER satiation, where one is not just satisfied, they are OVER satisfied with indulgences that wreak havoc on our digestive systems; thus the term "gut bomb" which illustrates exactly what is happening to our stomachs.  

It is having a sudden, explosive, damaging reaction as a result of compressed materials detonating under specific conditions (like too much and the wrong kinds of food being pressed into the belly at once!)




1.  Follow My #1 Tip to drink more water.  Water will help to fill you up and keep you from overeating.  It will also help prepare your body to rid itself of any overeating you might do.

2.  Have a plan.  Having a plan means creating in your mind avenues to eat properly before you face potentially harmful overeating situations.  


*Create in your mind what you want to eat that is satisfying but not overindulgent.  Visualize other ways to be "satisfied" around the food like having a great conversation with a friend.

*Think about what makes a "fair" portion size, and try to adhere to it. 

*Grab a smaller plate at the buffet line.

*Chew food rather than swallowing in one bite.  This helps the digestions process greatly!  Eat more slowly in general giving your body time to realize its satiation levels.

Your plan might not end up being perfect, but at least having a plan, being conscious of what your are doing, gives you a much higher chance of not overindulging!


3.  Start with fruits and vegetables.  Believe it or not, there is a proper order to consume foods.  Fruit first, then vegetables, then the other foods (grains, beans, and meats).  Think of it like different cars on an expressway.  You want the fastest cars, like the Porsche and Mercedes, to go before the 18 wheelers.  Otherwise, congestion occurs on the roadway.  Fruit and vegetables digest quicker than grains, beans and meats.  

4.  Have a Digestive Enzyme.  Digestive enzymes help to break down the food we eat so that our bodies can absorb the nutrients.  Our bodies produce digestive enzymes in the pancreas and small intestine but with age or illness can slow down and need help.  If you anticipate a big meal ahead of you, look into having one of these.  (Click here for a bit more information on digestive enzymes and as always check with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.) 

stop rewarding yourself with food

5.  Be Alert to Emotional Eating.  The most common culprits to emotional eating are when you are Hungry, Lonely, Angry, or Tired (HALT).  Other emotional triggers can be when you are bored, cold, or to reward yourself.  At holiday or celebratory events, rewarding yourself is most often the trigger.  Ask yourself if there are other ways to reward yourself other than food.

Toshiba Remote Control CT-9863

6.  Change the Channel.  Just like changing the channel on a remote control, out of sight means out of mind.  When we change a channel on a remote while watching a station that we like, we often do so with the intent of coming back in a minute, like after the commercial is over - BUT often we forget and don't return.  Do this with your eating habits as well, DIVERT, CHANGE THE CHANNEL, FIND ANOTHER ACTIVITY.  More often than not, the impulse for too much or not the right foods will pass.  

The main culprits of a GUT BOMB will always be:

1.  Too much food (plates that are brimming over, double portions of anything)

2.  Greasy foods (look at your plate for anything that glistens! - think french fries, mac & cheese, fatty hamburgers, etc.)

 3.  Too many foods combined in one meal (like this Peanut Butter and Jelly Cheeseburger with Pancake buns!  Tell the truth, you want to try it don't you!!)


I hope this post helps you to enjoy your Holiday and Summer Vacation, eating the delights of the season, while maintaining respect for your body!

Be Kind to your Stomach and Bon Appetite!

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© margaret young