The Benefits of Fasting

I am a big believer in fasting. 

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  Fasting is a topic that people are both intrigued by and resistant to at the same time.  It conjures thoughts of starvation, expressions of willpower like “I never could”, and stares and glances like you are weird!  All of which are natural until you have actually tried fasting and realize, you won't starve, you can do it, and it is not weird, but rather a tradition practiced since Old Testament times.

For years I have done a weekly Monday fast as well as a 3-4 day fast 2 - 3 times a year, and I can testify to the benefits of fasting.  I fast for both physical and spiritual reasons, but here I will just talk just about the physical benefits of fasting that I have experienced.  

1.  Fasting gives the body a time of rest.

I put the photo of the baby sleeping above because that is basically what fasting is.  


It is giving our bodies, in particular the digestive system, a time of rest from its everyday processes of consuming food that needs to be broken down into energy, filtered into nutrients that can be used, and eliminating the waste.  It is giving the body a rest so that it can focus on the God given ability to self heal.

When the body does not have to deal with digesting solid food and getting rid of the waste, it can concentrate on getting rid of toxins in the body that have accumulated from poor food that we eat, toxins and chemicals in our environment, as well as from daily stress.  It is the leftover toxins that remain in our bodies that cause disease.

2.  Fasting makes the body more alkaline.  


When I say that I fast, I am talking about juice fasting which is consuming fresh (preferably organic) fruit and vegetables for a period of time.  When you juice fast, you give the body proper nutrition, while eliminating the process of digestion, as well as restore a more alkaline environment in the body.  An acidic body is what causes disease.

3.  Fasting helps give increased energy, a more positive and peaceful mood, and a clearer thinking mind.

It is like shutting down your computer when things begin to run slowly.  Too many files, too many programs running at once cause the computer to work harder than it should.  Simply by shutting the computer down, it allows what is going on behind the scene to come back to a better working mode.  So to our bodies when we fast.

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4.  Fasting also allows for a more simplified outlook, and that is one of my number one reasons for my weekly Monday fast.

After a weekend of overindulgences, it helps me take a step back and say “Ahh.”  It helps me to just be simple in diet and in lifestyle, as my body and mind are restored.

Of course, fasting will also usually cause some weight loss but that is never one of my reasons for doing so, it is more for the benefits of restoration and healing.

Though this post is focused on the benefits of fasting, rather than how to do a fast, I encourage you to try a fast.  Starting small is the best way.  Before trying a 3 day fast, begin with a one day fast or even just a meal or two, experiencing the benefits of giving your body a rest.

I will be doing a 4 day fast this week beginning Monday and will post daily on Facebook what I consume if you have any interest in seeing what a juice fast looks like.  Also if you have any questions of your own, please shoot me an email from the comments bar to the right.

Here is my menu for the week:

**And as always, I am not a doctor!  Please consult your own doctor before making any adjustments to your diet.  Fasting is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers and those with type 1 diabetes.  If you are on any medications or facing an illness, please consult your own doctor to see if fasting may be of benefit or of harm.

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