Winter Pick Me Ups

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A Pick Me Up

Something to brighten your day or give you a bit of energy

It is cold outside and you are feeling sort of blah.  You are craving some comfort and you need a little boost.  To the rescue comes 3 great Winter Pick Me Ups to help you travel on through the heavy winter days!

1.  Chocolate Tea!  

I just discovered Chocolate Tea!  I was at a facility that offered a mixture of complimentary teas and one of the options was a bag of Chocolate Mint Truffle Tea.  I couldn’t resist the thought of a hot cup of tea with a touch of chocolate and mint to warm my spirits.  What a wonderful way to indulge in the sweetness of chocolate without all of the guilt!  

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I must admit I grabbed a couple of extra bags for a later indulgence, but when those were later finished I went on a hunt for more and to my sweet delight I discovered that there are numerous Chocolate Teas available for purchase.  I won’t name them all here but with a quick search on the internet, or in the aisles of Whole Foods, or at a specialty tea shop, you will be able to find the one that suits you best.

They come in a range of caffeine levels for your preference, even including caffeine free, and there are a variety of chocolate flavors as well.  After researching a bit more, I discovered that not only are these teas comforting and a sweet treat, but they also have beneficial qualities such as being rich in anti-oxidants, increasing energy levels, boosting the immune system, aiding in digestion, and some say they aid in diabetes and cardiovascular health as well.  

I must warn you that drinking Chocolate Tea is like drinking, well, tea.  Don’t expect a thick cup of creamy Hot Cocoa.  It is however warm and soothing and delicious.  I have discovered my preference is to steep with two bags of tea for a richer flavor and I also add some warmed Almond or Coconut Milk for that creamier texture, and a bit of Stevia sweetener.  I have also added either Chocolate or Vanilla Chai protein powder to make it an on the go breakfast, as well as using it for a late afternoon and post dinner delicious calming treat.  This is my new favorite Winter Pick Me Up!

2.  Hot Water Bottle

I know, it sounds so old fashioned to use one of these, but for numerous years I have enjoyed the warmth and comfort of a Hot Water Bottle for a Pick Me Up during the dreary winter months.  I even have named mine - My Woobie!


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I found mine on the internet.   It is just a transparent Hot Water Bottle, not very expensive, and then I put a cozy, fleece cover around it.  (I recently saw Restoration Hardware some adorable faux fur covers that might interest you!  These might be a real Pick Me Up!).  

Hot Water Bottles are great to settle down nerves, to soothe aches and pains, to soothe an upset tummy, to warm cold feet in bed (especially when the power goes out!), to warm you up when you are generally cold, to help with PMS, to encourage restful sleep.  I have even heard of people using them with their children and pets to help calm them as well.

I love my Woobie!  It is a great Winter Pick Me Up and if you have never tried one, I encourage you to do so!

3.  Agave Nectar Oil - Or Any Body Oil

If you ever experience dry hands or skin during the winter months, try using a body oil to not only keep your skin hydrated but keep it protected and glistening as well.  I have found that using body oils keep my skin feeling better than creams do.  I am constantly spraying my hands with this oil and it definitely is a great Winter Pick Me Up!


This Agave Nectar Oil is the body oil that I use as I love the scent and the pump bottle container, but you can also use something as simple as coconut oil.  Coconut oil will be hardened if you use it straight from the jar but will melt to a deliciously oily, hydrating treat for you body once it touches your skin.

For a relaxing treatment before bed, try giving yourself a quick  allover body massage using body oil.  When you wake up, your skin will feel amazing!

I hope these Winter Pick Me Ups give you a boost and brighten your day.  Let me know if you have any favorite Pick Me Ups as well.

© margaret young