About Me

My name is Margaret, but you can call me Sunshine, that is what my best friend usually calls me.  It always makes my day when she phones me on a rainy day and says, "Sunshine, poke your head out that window, we need a little sunshine around here!"

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Everyone needs a little Sunshine in their lives!


Especially someone who is an exact replica to Lucille Ball!

My day job is being a wife of 30 years (my husband jokingly says 25 of the best years of his life!) and a mom to two grown boys, whom I always love to talk about, but this blog is not the place! 

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 I talked about them a lot in a book I wrote called:  Have You Ever . . . Thoughts on God from the Carpool Line (and that was enough for family expose!)

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I also wrote a second book called:  30 Days of Family Prayer, which is a collection of topics to pray scripturally over your family, which I like to share when I go to speaking engagements.  

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I hold a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies (M.A.T.S.) from Columbia Theological Seminary and I have been a Bible Study and Sunday School Teacher for over twenty years.

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I founded a non-profit ministry called BTB Ministries, whose goal is to teach the Bible and how to grow closer to God.  It also provides prayer quilts for those in need - and BTW, to all my friends, BTB stands for Blessed To Be A Blessing - OK, I get why no one can ever get it right!


As a 50+ year old woman who seeks a fit, healthy, and joyful life, I have spent a lifetime studying and practicing a wide array of natural ways to stay healthy in body, mind and spirit.

I have also always had a passion for decorated cakes (and now cake pops!) having had a specialty cake business in my younger days.  

We had a Cake Pop Party at a Senior Retirement Association.  There is something about cake that just makes everyone feel good (except of course when you eat too much). 

A little bit of cake always seems to bring a smile!

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We made cake pops with scripture cards for the high school weekend retreat.

Above all, I am just an avid learner who has learned so much from a variety of communities on the web.  It is my hope to be able to share some of the things that I have learned and practiced over the years, so as to make your life better, more meaningful, more joyful, just like so many other web communities have previously done for me.

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