Printed Fabric Sheets For Quilting

I am sooooo excited!  

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Today is My Sunshine Room’s Second Anniversary, 

and I have just resolved an issue that his given me fits for years!

For over 10 years, I have been making prayer quilts that share love and support for those going through various trials in life.  The quilts are made by friends and family, by writing prayers and words of comfort, on squares of fabric, using fabric pens.  (See Photo Gallery of Prayer Quilts Here.)

The problem has always been the fabric pens.  They cost ALOT!   They never seem to hold up in the wash, even though they say that they do.  They are difficult to make good, clean designs.  And, they are difficult to share so that people far and away can create their squares for the quilt.

fabric sheets

Enter, Inkjet Fabric Sheets!!!

These have been around for a while but have always been very stiff and jam your printer, until now!  Over the years manufacturers have been improving the quality of feel, and how they move through printers, as well as now certain printers use waterproof ink (I use an Epson that does), which makes the whole process so much more practical.  

There are different brands available at crafts stores and online, but I have been using this brand from Michaels and LOVE them!  They are $18 for 10 sheets and can be even cheaper with a Michaels coupon that can always be found online.  That may sound expensive, but compared to the expense and difficulty of the fabric pens, I find these fabric sheets a steal!

Computer Image

The sheets are 8 1/2 by 11, the size of a regular sheet of printer paper, so whatever you see on your computer screen, will print exactly on the fabric sheets.  And I have found the colors to be very impressive.

After printing, all you do is cut, peel off the backing, iron the back to heat set, and you are ready to sew.  (They do recommend Scotchguarding the whole quilt when completed for further protection.) 

The squares that I make are 5 1/2” which gives a 5” design and  a 1/4” seam allowance to sew.  Here is a PDF image that I use that you can copy and use to fit your design squares within the lines, and then have a 1/4" cutting line.  

I am just over the top excited about this!  With tens of thousands of people visiting My Sunshine Room over the years to learn about the prayer quilts, these fabric sheets are a game changer!    OOOOOh the possibilities!!

Here are a few squares for a quilt I am working on this week, which I will post the completed quilt next week.  

get well soon chalkboard

The Get Well Soon and Surrounding Blue and Black Hearts are printed - Great Colors!

Blessed Quilt Square 2

The Green Heart and Blessed Design are both printed - The Blessed Design is from a Coloring Page!

Another Coloring Page Design - When coloring, the person is active in prayer for the recipient of the quilt.

The two lines with hearts were all printed - even the black comes out wonderful!

Of course, this process does not need to be restricted to quilting.    It could also be used for pillows, handbags, or other “Cotton” designs.  Did I forget to mention that the 2nd Anniversary is symbolized by “Cotton?”  Thank you for all your support over these 2 years, and I hope I continue to inspire! 

© margaret young