DIY Boot Cuffs

Oh my gosh!  Oh my gosh!  Oh my gosh!  I love this post!

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Here is a ONE MINUTE activity, that requires ZERO skills and can ramp up the wardrobe of anyone from the fashionista, to the fashion leery, from the young to the old, from really cold weather to the spring! 

 It is DIY (really cute) Boot Cuffs!

I was at the mall last week rushing to my car when I noticed, from the corner of my eye, this girl with the cutest, chunky, woven, caramel and cream colored socks poking their heads out of the tops of her boots.  Though I was rushing, I had to stop and do a double take and slowly walked back to ask where she bought those adorable socks.  I wanted those socks!

“A friend made them for me,” she said, “and they are not actually socks, they are boot cuffs.”  

“Oh thank you,” I replied, as I quickly returned to my rushing, both to my car as well as to figure out how to make my own pair of boot cuffs!

IMG 1160

Since I had just left the mall, visions of sales signs danced in my head.  

"That’s it!  Perfect!”, I thought.  A really cheap sweater with cool sleeves, plus a pair of scissors, and I could make my own boot cuffs!

The next day I went back to the mall and scoured the Juniors sweater sales department - cheap prices, fun designs.  I landed on a couple and went to work.

 Step 1

Buy a sweater (or use one in your closet that has shrunk, or has a stain, or is out of date - or hit your local Goodwill or Target for a sweater that you might not actually wear but that would make a great, inexpensive boot cuff).

IMG 1168

Step 2

Cut off the sleeves (if the price is right you won’t care that you have the rest of the sweater left over - but I am working on something to do with the left over sweaters as well!)

Step 3

Slide the cuff up your leg.  It is best to buy a larger size sweater if you have a larger calf, but the band will stretch when you pull it on.  I found that I like a longer cuff as it helps prevent rolling, but cut to suit your taste - start long, and then cut more if needed.  

IMG 1165

If it does roll, put some two sided tape at the bottom to adhere to the leg.  I found this at CVS and is a great item to always have on hand!

IMG 1172

Step 4

Have fun creating your fashionable outfits!

With heels or flats, I am loving these for a UGA football game!  

How about boot cuffs for your favorite team!

I hope to see some of you out and about 

with some fabulous, new Boot Cuffs!

© margaret young