How To Do A Weekly Fast

As mentioned last week, I am a big believer in fasting because of the numerous benefits fasting provides.  

I fast at different times throughout the year for both spiritual and health reasons but find that the best and most basic fast that I do is the WEEKLY FAST.  Many of you have been asking about how I do the weekly fast so I thought I would share here.  

I fast every Monday for a combination of health and spiritual reasons.  The day of the week is not important, it just happens to be the best day for me.  If you are interested in trying this and it would better for you to do a different day, then by all means choose the best day for you.  The reason I choose to fast on Monday is because it is a day that I usually do not have a lot on my calendar, and that is important.  

As mentioned last week, fasting is about rest, so the day you choose to have a weekly fast should be a day that you do not have a lot required of you.  (I realize in saying that, that it will be next to impossible for many to find that day!  Maybe try a meal or two instead of  a day, you can still experience the benefits.)  


Often people attempt to start a weekly fast without realizing the importance of down time during the fast.  It will be easier emotionally and physically if you have a slower day the day of your fast.  

To start a fast is really very simple.  

On Mondays, I start the day with a big glass of water (health tip #1)  and then I either sip on water or decaf tea until 5:00.  Thinking about what is to be consumed at 5:00 helps to ward off the appetite, as does continuing to fill with fluids, and appreciating the simplicity of the day.  Sometimes when I feel the need to chew, I grab a handful of grapes or a small piece of gum.  Even better I distract myself with a walk, stretch, phone call or other activity.


At 5:00 (just a time I set for myself no set rule),  depending on how famished I am, I either have a big glass of fresh juice, which is the preferred path, or if I am totally starving, I will snack on a bowl of fruit or a sliced apple, which is totally fine as well.   

sliced apple

For dinner, I have a bowl of very easy to make blended (so it is easy on the digestive track) vegetable soup.  Greens with Coconut Milk or Roasted Tomato and Onion are my top two favorites.  

IMG 3536

For the Greens with Coconut Milk Soup, sauté some garlic and onion in vegetable broth.  Then add whatever greens you have on hand (here I have romaine, green lollo, and celery).  Pour vegetable broth to cover the greens and a small can of coconut milk.  Simmer until the greens are wilted and then blend in either a blender like a Vita-mix, or use a hand held immersion blender to purify.  For a little more flavor, I will add some sea salt and Nutritional Yeast.  (Click here for more about Nutritional Yeast.) 


This is really surprisingly delicious!

For the Roasted Tomato and Onion Soup, I simply cut up some tomatoes (whatever kind you like), add chopped onion and garlic (if you like, not all do!), or other vegetable like red peppers, and roast for about 15 minutes.  I heat some vegetable broth and then throw everything into the Vita-mix to blend.  Again, for taste I add sea salt and Nutritional Yeast.  

I usually finish the day with another glass of tea, this time with something “sleepy” in it like chamomile to help give me a great night’s rest so the body can continue its course of self-healing. 

Other than trying to find a day when you can go slow, my other suggestion for the fast day is TO BE PREPARED.  Knowing what you will drink (or eat), and at what times during the day, will help you to have the best success.  It is when we are unprepared and our bodies say that it is time to eat, that we tend to raid the fridge!

Over the years, I have really come to love this weekly day of fasting.  What I love most is the feeling of simplicity in regards to food.  I love the  feeling of coming back to a more uncomplicated, clean way of approaching food.  I love the way I find strength to fight over indulging in food.  I love realizing that I am stronger than I think when it comes to forgoing those foods that cause me to feel sluggish.  

I strongly encourage you to try a WEEKLY FAST to discover your inner strength as well, and to discover that feeling of simplicity.   The weekly fast is not meant to be a “hair shirt” where you beat yourself up if you do not practice it perfectly.  You can set the rules.  If you want to forgo the evening soup and go a full 36 hours, great.  If you want to only forgo a meal once a week, great as well.

Do it for health reasons.  Do it for spiritual reasons.  Do it for both.  Either way, you will see the benefits - a day of rest for your mind and body.  

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