TIN-der lovin CAN

I felt the the need to CREATE!  After a hectic week last week, I wanted something mindless to do that brought a little color and joy to my world.  A little Pick-Me-Up if you will.  As a result, here are my TIN-der lovin Cans.  I hope you love ‘em too!

I love this project because it is:


All you need is:  

IMG 0477

a) a leftover, cleaned tin can (get it:  TIN-der lovin CANS!) - any size will do according to what you have and what you want to do with it

IMG 0543

b)  something to wrap around the can (burlap, wrapping paper crafting paper - anything that makes you happy!)  

There are so many great papers out there that I want to buy but don’t ever know what to do with them, this is a great opportunity to use them.

IMG 0495

c) something to cut and adhere the wrap to the can (scissors, glue dots or a glue gun, measuring tool but you really don’t even need this, as you can pretty much be guided by the can)

IMG 0496IMG 0515

Here I just used the can to roll around the paper.

And then pressed in the top to find a line for cutting the excess paper off.

d)  last you will need any embellishments that you want to add (ribbon, tags, tissue paper, etc.) and something to fill the can (flowers, food items, candles, pens, etc.)

IMG 0511

Here I baked some mini pumpkin muffins - a perfect bite size treat to give to a friend!


This project is great because you can change it to suit your needs.  Here I used the same can for a floating bathroom candle and then changed it for some beautiful fall flowers.  

IMG 0539

IMG 0555

IMG 0553


You have the can from leftover food - $0.  The paper is a minimal cost.  The only cost is what you put in the can and that can be as inexpensive as grabbing flowers from your yard, or making a batch of baked treats.


IMG 0486

I usually keep leftover flower vases to re-use for gifts, but they are so hard to store in a cabinet.  

IMG 0492

The tin cans are great because they can be easily stacked.  You also don’t have to worry about them falling over and breaking! 

This is about 10 cans stacked together!

IMG 0559

And if you want to transport them to give away, they can either fit in a cup holder or sit safely on the floor of your car.  

No lopsided vases to contend with!


Here are just a few ideas to spark your creativity.  Is there any one in your life who might need a TIN-der lovin CAN?

IMG 0571

May these, and any you decide to create, make you as happy as these make me!

© margaret young