Creatively Simple Centerpieces

Parties are so fun!  But often, rather than getting excited about the festivities of friends and fellowship, we become anxious about how festive we need to make our parties look.  

Creatively Simple Centerpieces To The Rescue!

Creatively Simple Centerpieces

Here is an idea that I use often that is so simple and versatile, yet creates a wonderful conversation piece, festive every time!

All you need are:

Mason Jars - You can buy mason jars by the case at Target for under $20, or you can buy them individually at the Dollar Tree (for you guessed it $1.00!)   Mason jars are wonderful to keep on hand for a whole host of festive occasions.

Wrapping Paper - Purchase wrapping paper to coordinate with your party theme, a roll will go a long way!  My favorite places to buy wrapping paper are:  Party City, Home Goods, and for specialty papers I love shopping online at Zazzle.  

Bamboo Skewers - These are available at grocery stores in a variety of sizes.  I prefer the longer ones that I can cut or break to size.

Tape - You can also use glue, just something to stick your printed cards to the skewers.

Paper - I am a bright colored, patterned gal, but use paper to suit your party theme, whether it is whimsical or sophisticated.

Tissue Paper - For not much expense, tissue paper is a great filler for the mason jars.

Image Search

Printouts from your computer - This is where decorations can be so personal and creative.  Simply go to the internet, do an "image search" for your party theme, and print, and cutout your images. 

The examples I’ve shown below are from an opening day golf party that I helped my mother to decorate, but you could use this same idea for birthdays, graduations, showers, anniversaries, retirement, the sky is the limit!


Optional:  Decorative scissors or punches for a bit more pizazz to your printouts - but basic square, rectangle or circular cuts work just fine.  Remember these are Creatively, Simple, Centerpieces!  

To Make The Centerpieces:

1.  Cut a square or large circle from the wrapping paper to use as your base on the table.  This will give a boost to the table with minimum cost and effort.

IMG 0814

2.  Place a mason jar on top of the wrapping paper and stuff with tissue paper.  For added flavor, you can wrap the mason jar with a strip of the same or coordinating wrapping paper.

3.  Cut out your printed cards and adhere to the skewers.  We wanted funny, conversation cards for this party, but you could use photos of people, places, or items that relate to your party.


Golf Party Decorations


Golf Party Decorations

4.  Stick the skewers in the mason jars.


Golf Party Decorations

5.  Optional:  Add extra “fluff” around the mason jars.  For this party we added golf balls, golf tees, and colored crinkle.  All items that we had on hand.

So here’s to your next party!  I will be celebrating the Masters Golf Tournament this weekend, and in honor of this fabulous tournament, here are a few snapshots from our festive “golf” party centerpiece ideas.










I hope I have inspired you to have a 

fabulously, festive party soon!

© margaret young